Marek is the artist behind the Digital Paintings that Capture Lounge has to offer. Inspired after seeing the “Colours of Impressionism” exhibition at the art gallery of SA in March 2018, the colour blind Polish photographer wondered how his photo’s could be turned into art just like he saw at the exhibit.

After some extensive research into Digital Painting techniques and lots of practice at digital brush strokes, Capture Lounge Digital Paintings emerged. After showing his work to his partner, Rhiannon simply responded “I think people would like to buy these” and soon enough they become available for purchase at the local markets since July 2018.


Capture Lounge considers all Digital Paintings as works of art, each piece is completely original and the prints of the pieces are all signed and limited. At Capture Lounge we believe Digital Paintings are the way of the future, bringing extraordinary and customised pieces of art into your favourite space at an affordable price.


“Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment” – “Claude Monet””

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